Melt Pressure Transmitters

Melt Pressure Transmitters are ideal for monitoring industrial pressures in a variety of situations.

  • Transmitters are interchangeable with competitor's equipment
  • Standard Inconel Diaphragm
  • Mercury or NaK filled
  • 6 or 8 pin bayonet connector
  • Up to 1000F rating

The High Accuracy Transmitter comes in either a fluid filled or pushrod design, and has accuracy of 0.5% / 0.25% combined error. It has an 80% Output Verification and an operating temperature of 750 degrees F (400 C).
Specification/Datasheets: MT100 High AccuracyMT200 Flexible StemMTX Temperature Process

The Narrow Space Transmitter has all the features of the MT series with a few exceptions to allow it to fit in tighter areas while still maintaining its accuracy.
Specification/Datasheets: MN100 28" Flexible StemMN200 10" Bare Cap/18" Flexible

The FDA Food Grade Transmitter features a food grade fluid fill that is designed for long-term stability, giving you accurate peace of mind in a food grade environment.
Specification/Datasheets: MF100 Rigid StemMF200 Flexible StemMFX Temperature Process