Special Sensors

Variety of sensors to fit a range of applications, continuing to meet the demands of technological advances by using materials with unusually high performance characteristics and superior quality.

  • Compliance with recognized agency tolerances and specifications
  • High thermal conductivity design
  • Ungrounded or grounded junctions
  • Superior performance

high temperature thermocouples, with ranges up to 3100F (1700C), are designed to meet compliance with today's complex specifications, standards and industrial requirements.
Specifications and Ordering

Multipoint temperature sensors accurately measure temperatures at various locations along the sensors length, eliminating the need for multiple independent sensors.
Specifications and Ordering

Designed for use in plasma generation applications, radio frequency thermocouples ensure accurate temperature readings through radio or conduction settings where other sensors are ineffective, due to the energy that can cause measurement errors.
Specifications and Ordering

The true surface thermocouple, with its removable molded cover, fits into corners and other tight locations and are easy to install with a variety of commonly used screw types. It is ideal for many applications including semiconductor chambers, platens, packaging, cleaning and food preparation.
Specifications and Ordering

MICROCOILâ„¢ miniature thermocouples allow for precision measurement in tight spaces. These sensors utilize mineral insulated cable to electronically isolate and shield up to 1292F, providing superior measurement for a wide variety of surfaces and demanding applications.

Specifications and Ordering