Melt Pressure Accessories

Premium accessories designed for melt pressure transducers and transmitters

  • Meets or exceeds environmental conformity
  • Total compliance with the maximum levels of accuracy
  • Pressure and temperature Monitoring available

Cleaning Tool Kit: Used to remove excess plastic from transducer mounting holes prior to installation, allowing the mounting hole to be properly cleaned and checked for integrity. Cleaning tools are available for 1/2-20 mounting holes (CT12) and M18x1.5 mounting holes (CT18).

Transducer Mounting Hole Drill Kit contains the necessary drill bits and taps needed to machine a standard transducer mounting hole, including a special pilot drill required to machine the 45 degree seat. 1/2-20 (KF12) and the M18x1.5 (KF18) available

6-pin and 8-pin Extension Cables used to connect transducers to indicators

Rupture disks, also known as burst plugs or soft plugs, are used for emergency pressure relief of an extruder.

Transducer Simulator - The 3.3 mV/V TS3 Series simulates the output of a mV/V melt pressure transducer (M3 and W3 series) at various pressure levels.

CMI CANOpen module interface for non-amplified transducers
The CAN OPEN module interface for non-amplified transducers has been developed to acquire low level signals from strain gage bridges (load cells, pressure transducers) and to convert them in digital format according to standard CAN OPEN DSP 404.