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Introducing the MicroSmart FC6A from IDEC

The world's first micro PLC with the power of PAC

FC6A Models

Three MicroSmart PLC models are available, each with 24VDC or 100-240VAC input power.

FC6A Models

The 16 I/O model has 9 inputs and 7 relay or transistor outputs. The 24 I/O model has 14 inputs and 10 relay or transistor outputs. The 40 I/O model has 24 inputs and 16 relay or transistor outputs. Each model also includes an integral 0-10VDC analog input.

Advanced Design

  • Removeable Terminal Blocks : Simplify wiring, installation and module replacement
  • RJ45 Ethernet Port : Supports the Modbus TCP protocol
  • RJ45 RS232C/RS485 Serial Port : User selectable for RS232C or RS485 communications
  • Expansion Modules : Up to 15 can be added, with no restrictions as to the number of analog or specialty modules
  • SD Memory Slot : Can be used for data logging, program and recipe storage or firmware updating
  • USB Bus Power : Provide power and transfer software programs from PC to CPU
  • Replaceable Battery : Low battery level warning is provided both at the CPU via an LED or sent to an HMI or email alert
  • Comunication Ports : Add one to the 16 and 24 I/O models and two to the 40 I/O model
  • HMI Module : An optional HMI module can be added to provide operator interface

Unmatched Performance

Comparing a typical setup with CPU, plus 4 digital I/O and 1 analog expansion module, the MicroSmart FC6A takes only 0.4ms to read and update all the expansion I/O. This is extremely fast comparing to other micro PLC. As a result, your system reacts faster and runs more effieciently. 6X Faster

Communication of Choice

Modbus TCP and RTU Protocol
FC6A supports both Modbus TCP and RTU. It can be easily be configured to be a Client (master) or Server (slave) on the Modbus network.

CANJ1939 Protocol
The MicroSmart PLC supports the CAN J1939 protocol, commonly used in diesel power train applications, in-vehicle networks for trucks & buses, agriculture & forestry machinery, military and recreational vehicles, and marine navigation systems.

Enhanced Programming Software

Ladder or Script Programming
FC6A can be programmed with ladder or SCRIPT - useful for programmers who are familiar with high level programming language such as C since SCRIPT has similar structure. SCRIPT allows programmers to create more complex and powerful programs

System Configuration Mode
In WindLDR version 8, we introduced a convenient way to configure all the FC6A expansion I/O in System Configuration mode. Modules can be configured using drag and drop Analog and specialty modules can be easily configured using the Configure button or left hand navigation menu.

Data File Management Tool
Extremely useful for OEM to provide to their end users to upload and download user program and logged data

MicroSmart FC6A Videos

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