Immersion Heater Solutions

Designed for heating liquids and gases in tanks and pressure vessels.

  • Easy to install and maintain, virtually 100% energy efficient
  • Temperatures to 1600F with UL® and CSA component elements available

Designed for heating liquids and gases, flanged immersion heaters are perfect for applications demanding higher kilowatts.
Application Worksheet

Ideal for direct immersion heating of liquids, including all types of oils and heat transfer solutions
Application Worksheet

Over-the-side heaters are ideal for heating water, oils, solvents, salts and acids and are enhanced with optional sheath materials, kilowatt ratings, terminal enclosures and mounting methods.
Quartz Infrared, SmartOne S1 Metal Series, S13 Triple Metal Series, S1L Series Metal Bottom, SmartOne S1T Series 2" Tubular Series, SmartOne Series Brochure

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