CLEANDiesel Condition Monitoring

CLEANDiesel Condition Monitoring

From fixed on-line systems to portable in-field systems designed to provide reliable accurate results in a short amount of time

  • Detection of abnormal wear and impending system failure
  • Verification of the fuel in use, monitoring degradation/contamination
  • Optimization of equipment service intervals and improvement in operational safety
  • Fuel Condition Monitoring & Control Brochure

Simultaneous Detection of Solid and Water Contaminants at Full-Flow

The Velcon Contaminant Analyzer provides assurance that the fueling system receives, maintains, and dispenses fuel that meets ASTM D975 and ISO 4406 cleanliness levels. The VCA is an ideal tool to either measure the quality of fuel at receipt, assuring cleanliness specifications are met, or at dispensing points.

Integrated Particle Contamination Monitor

The Integrated Particle Monitor represents the most up-to-date technology in solid particle contamination analysis. The IPM is a compact, permanently-mounted laser-based particle detector module that provides a continuous, cost-effective solution to fluid management and contamination control.

State-of-the-Art Fuel Contamination Monitoring

The icountACM20 Portable Particle Counter was developed from existing technology for monitoring contamination in AVTur and other hydrocarbon fuels. In addition, the ACM can be used to monitor fuels from existing sampling points in locations from refineries, pipelines, distribution terminals, fuel supply storage.

The Benchtop Solution to Fluid Contamination Bottle Sampling

The revolutionary icountBSplus is an advanced, fully contained bottle sampling system that ensures fast, accurate and repeatable detection of contamination in diesel fuels. Compact and portable, the icountBSplus is ideal for use in the laboratory, on-line or off-line applications.

Portable Condition Monitoring for Fuel Systems

The icount Fuel Sampler (iFS) is an innovative solution to the challenge of measuring the quality of hydrocarbon fuels in many different applications: from renewable energy, marine and offshore, to manufacturing, mobile, agriculture, military and aerospace. Compact, lightweight and robust, the truly portable iFS makes field analysis simple, quick and easy.