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Our technical experts can provide you with information about Product Selection, Application Assistance, Installation, Troubleshooting, Performance Data, Maintenance and General Technical Guidance. You can contact them by phone at (281) 351-4328, or by email at

BOTH actually! We have inventory on hard to find or obsolete parts.To see if we have the part you need, go to our Online Store to find your specific product category.
If we don't have the item in stock, or if you would like the retrofit or replacement part, contact our Customer Service Department by phone at (281) 351-4328, or by email.

If you need to return material email the information to sales@thermalsolutionsoftexas.comor fax it to (281) 351-4324. One of our customer service representatives will reply with a Return Material Authorization Number as soon as possible, with instructions on where to return your material.

As well as manufacturing control panels, control consoles, core heaters and more, Valin Thermal Solutions & Automation also partners with manufacturers of the highest quality components.You can find a list of partners on our About page.