Air-Cooled Cast-InHeater Solutions

Heating and cooling the barrels of plastic extruders

  • Superior heat transfer between the heater and the machine barrel
  • Designed to meet the mechanical constraints of existing systems
  • Optimized direction and ducting of airflow

Used as an alternative to Liquid Cooled Cast-In Band Heaters for heating and cooling the barrels of plastic extruders.
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Multi-Versal extruder heat/cool systems are designed for efficient heating and cooling.
Specifications and Ordering Information

Polar Cast heaters feature finned cast-in heaters that allow for quick thermal response during heat-up and cool-down cycles.
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Arctic Cast shroud systems provide vast improvements over standard water cooled castings for durability and performance.
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Cool to the Touch extruder heat/cool systems are engineered to provide optimal heating and cooling while providing personnel safety with a Cool Touch perforated outer layer.
Specifications and Ordering Information

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